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Bridging the online-offline gap and empowering brands by connecting with customers

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What's Juumu?

Live Shopping
for Brands

High Engagement

An immersive Livestream video experience that transforms an audience into a community. Enjoy interactive content, gamification features and more.


Our system allows your brand to grow in our app through loyal buyers.

Increased Market Reach

Our Machine learning platform helps you to reach more buyers.

Faster Stock Movement

Innovative buying experience allows you to sell your products in volume you wouldn't have imagined.
Live Shopping Checkout

Why Viewers Love Juumu

Exclusive Content

Finally; customer communities can create personal, interactive relationships with premium brands and experts. Bonus engagement features keep audiences engaged.

Mobile-First Experience

Live shopping experience designed for mobile, yet compatible on all devices.

Buy-In Video

Thanks to Live Shopping with integrated e-Commerce, customers can buy from brands instantly, without leaving the experience.

Video Feeds.

Explore products from your trusted brands and experts.
Group Buying

Group Buying

Revolutionary Social E-Commcerce platform that lets friends shop together to unlock better pricing and get rewarded at the same time.

Tiered Discounts

Discounts are designed for different tiers. The more buyers in a group, the the higher the tier, and thus the corresponding discount. More savings!

Earn Points to Spend

Every purchase automatically forms a group and thus earn points. Points earned are converted to shop currency.

Utilise Social Platforms

Help friends and family to save money by inviting them to join group buy.

Intuitive Interface

It's like a normal online shop but with the element of social media.