Our Mission

Juumu started with a vision to remove the guesswork from the shopping experience.
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During COVID and lockdowns, like everyone else, we started buying things mostly online. Every time we have to order a toy for my son or clothes for my wife or any other fashion products, we always have to double guess the colour, size and quality of the product. We ended up by returning or reordering products most of the time as there was a big disconnect between what we ordered and what we received. As we delved deeper into our problem, we discovered we were not alone. 85% of customers we spoke to had the same or similar issue. It was like an aha moment for us and that lead to the birth of Juumu

What's Juumu?

Juumu is a Social-Proof shopping platform with a mission to help users see the real products before buying, through the power of video and live streaming using trusted content creators & real customers, thereby reducing distrust and return rates.