Elevate your brand's reach and engagement with Live Shopping's immersive technology and Group Buying's market-expanding prowess.

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High Engagement

An immersive Livestream video experience that transforms an audience into a community. Enjoy interactive content, gamification features and more.

Branding & Reduced Returns

Our system allows your brand to grow in our app through loyal buyers.

Return Rates Reduced by 63%

Increased Market Reach

Our Machine learning platform helps you to reach more buyers.

Live Shopping

Unlock engagement, awareness and sales with Live Shopping technology.

Built to Sell

  • Product Video Roll/Live Video Checkout Makes Impulse Buying Effortless
  • Return Rates Reduced by 63%
  • Complete your purchase without leaving the experience
  • 2-steps, high-speed checkout
  • Gamification features designed for impulse buying
  • Real-time analytics

Group Buying

  • Increased market reach
  • Faster stock movement
  • Tiered discounts

Hassle-free Onboarding

  • Low commission rates
  • No platform fees
  • Single click product sharing
  • Easy setup
  • Seamless order fulfillment
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Order pickup options

In-Store Support

  • Product Discovery
  • Quick Checkout
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Customer Follow Up