Frequently asked questions


What's LIVE Show?

Brands and Influencers showcase the best of their products to the customers LIVE, answering customer questions and thus giving an opportunity for the customers to actually see the product before making a purchase decision

How can i buy the product showcased in LIVE show?

Products would be available within the LIVE show screen for the customers to purchase it.


What is a Feed?

Feed section contains carefully curated product videos for the customers. Each feed is basically a short video of the product along with an option to purchase that product.


How does Juumu differ from other ecommerce platforms?

Juumu is a social ecommerce platform where customers can form groups to buy products. The more people join a group, the better the price of the overall purchase is and thus each buyer benefits with big discounts. Sellers can expand to a larger audience of customers while customers get discounts hence a win-win situation.

How does group buy work?

Customers can either create a new group or join an existing group created by like minded customers. All groups are valid only for 24 hrs. Thus buyers don't have to wait for days or weeks to complete the purchase order.

Whats the difference between joining a group and creating a group?

The only difference is that the customer who creates a group(Principal Buyer) will get bonus points for the value of all the orders within that group.
e.g. Once the group is successfully formed and if there are 10 buyers in the group wherein each customer bought a product worth 100₹ each, then the principal buyer who created the group will get 100x10 points.

Points are used as a store currency.

How does the pricing work in group buy?

So lets say a product has the following discount tiers:
Single price - 100₹

1-2 person group - 20% discount (80₹)

3-5 person group - 30% discount (70₹)

6+ person group - 45% discount (55₹)

If a customer forms a new group, such a customer (principal buyer) will start off with a 80₹ price for 24 hours. Now if the 2nd customer joins this group within 24 hours, then both the customers will get the product for ₹80 each. Then, let's say 5 more customers join the group(within the timeframe) as we have a total of 7 customers in the group, all the group members will get the product for 55₹ each.

Note that the customer will be originally charged the amount(80₹) during the time he/she joined the group. In the sample scenario, a principal buyer paid for 80₹ originally when he/she created the group, but ended up spending 55₹, thus the difference amount will be refunded to the principal buyer and everyone else in the group.

What if a customer forms a Group but no one joins the Group?

Even if no members join the group in the 24 hrs, the customer who created the group will still get the product for the initial Price Tier.

How long is the group valid?

Each Group is valid for 24 hours from the moment Principal Buyer joins the group.

What if I am not the principal buyer but joined a group and have my friends purchase the product within 24hrs from my shared link?

You will be the “priority” here and will get the reward points based on how many of your friends purchased the product within 24hrs using your shared link and everyone else in the group will get the adjusted price for the product.


How can I market products?

You can market products either through LIVE show or by creating video feeds of the product

How do i earn by marketing products?

When a customer makes a purchase on your LIVE show or through your feed videos, you get commission for those sales.

What are the marketing commission rates?

The exact commission rates depend on the products and the brand you are marketing.


Do you give out reward points?


How can I earn Reward Points?

You earn points when somebody buys a product through the link that you shared.

How can I share the products?

There is a share button in the product page. You can use that button to share the products with your social circle.

How do I use my points?

Points are considered in-store currency. It can be used during checkout.

Do points expire?

Points have no expiry at this time.

What is the conversion between Reward points and Rupees?

400 points = 1₹.


Do you accept returns or refunds?

For group buy, we don't offer returns & refunds as the pricing is based on number of people who joined the group.

What is your exchange policy?

We have a 7 day exchange policy for products that are damaged. Reach out to us for simple process to exchange your product.


How can I provide suggestions/feedbacks or even lodge a complaint?

If you have any suggestions, complaints, feedback or issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through